car charger manufacturer & supplier in China

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iPOD car charger PD160

iPOD Car Charger:IPOD Car-used Charger for iPOD. Works with any 12V auto cigarette lighter. Charge the iPOD while you in the autocar/ car.

Cellphone car charger PD120

Cellphone Car Charger:Portable Two in One Car Charger for cellphone. Charge cellphone, Suit indoor from AC 80-260V or outdoor from car power supply. With different adapter for NOKIA/ SAMSUNG/ MOTOROLA/ SONY ERICSSON

FM transmitter car charger PD110

Car Charger FM transmitter Car Charger: USB car charger (4 USB ports)+FM transmitter (3.5 mm stereo jack). Transmit MP3 audio signal to car FM radio. Charging MP3 player or cellphones.

car charger PD100

Charger for most digital products. The usb autocar/car-used charger with 4 USB ports and 1 DC port. Charging for cellphones, bluetooth earphone, MP3, PDA, Recording Pen, negative ion-oxygen bar, USB fan, USB lamp, etc

Autocar charge Multifunction rechargeable CCFL lamp HCG-282C

Autocar/Auto Rechargeable Emergency Lamp, Car charger CCFL lamp, Auto Accessories, automotive emergency lamp, rechargeable.light, car used rechargeable light, emergency light, ourdoor lamp, our door lighting.
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HCG International Limited is the Car Charger Manufacturer/wholesaler from Shenzhen, China.