Pill timer box XLN-206

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Pill timer box, XLN-206
Pill timer box Item No.: XLN-206
Supplier:Hcg Internatioal Limited Origin:Made in China OEM service:accepted MOQ:100pcs Payment Method:T/T, Western Union Delivery time:5-20 days Port:Shenzhen (YanTian, SheKou) Price:Inquiry now
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Pill timer box Item No.: XLN-206

XLN-206 Pill box with time reminder
Model: XLN-206
Product Size: 10*6.0*2.0cm
Unit Weight: 50g
Material: ABS
Qty Of Package: 240pcs/ctn
Carton Size: 52.4*24*32.7cm
N/G Weight: 16.4/15.6KGS
20'FT Qty. : 157280 PCS
40'FT Qty. : 337860 PCS
40'HQ Qty. : 396110 PCS
CE, ROHS certificate
Pill box timer, electronic Pill box, Pill box holder with time
1.pill box
2.safety plastic
3.time alarm can remind you to have medicine
1.Name:pill box
2.The material is plastic, safety plastic
3.There is an alarm clock, it can remind you the time to have medicine
4.Time setting:
1.1 push the function button to"clock" position.
1.2 press"min" button to select month/day/hour/minute and press"HR" button to start setting.
1.3 after finish setting, it will display the current time; press"HR" button repeatedly, it will display date/second/time in turn.
5.Timer operation instruction:
2.1 push the function button to"TIMER" position.
2.2 press "HR" or "MIN" to set countdown time.
2.3 press"START/STOP" to begin countdown, the":"symbol twinkles at the same time.
2.4 press"START/STOP"to pause countdown(the":"stop). Press"START/STOP"again to continue.
2.5 when the countdown time is up, the timer will make a "beep-beep"sound for reminding.
2.6 press "START/STOP"to stop the sound and repeat the previous countdown time automatically.
6.Reset timer.
3.1 press"CLEAR"button to clear timer.
3.2 refer point 2 to reset timer.
7.Timer storage
Keep it away from high temperature, water, perfume, alcohol, detergent and other corrosive thing.

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