USB band HCG-U-001

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USB band, HCG-U-001
USB band Item No.: HCG-U-001
Supplier:Hcg Internatioal Limited Origin:Made in China OEM service:accepted MOQ:100pcs Payment Method:T/T, Western Union Delivery time:5-20 days Port:Shenzhen (YanTian, SheKou) Price:Inquiry now
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USB band Item No.: HCG-U-001

the price don't contain the Flash Menory chip.
please contact us to get the current cost of Flash Menory chip.
the price of flash menory chip for referrence on 2006-07-31:
Price for Flash chip.
32M flash memory: 2.0USD/pc
64M flash memory: 2.91USD/pc
128M flash memory: 3.71USD/pc
256M flash memory: 5.32USD/pc
512M flash memory: 7.80USD/pc
1GB flash memory: 14.71USD/pc

USB Flash Drive with Silicone Bracelet.
Length of the Flash Band:20CM.
The USB band is Driverless (except Win98), no external power supply.
The Flash band is Small, light, shockproof and moisture proof.
Hot Plug and Play USB interface.
Available capacity of Flash: 16MB, 32MB, 64MB and 128MB Version 1.1.
Hi Speed USB 2.0 can with the flash capacity: 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB and 2GB.
Ultra High speed : 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB.
Read speed of the Flash driver: 11M bit/s
Write speed of the Flash driver: 8M bit/s.
Mobile data storage and exchange.
Supporting Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Mac OS.
Power Consumption :
less than 40mA when working.
less than 300mA when idle.
LED indicator.
The Flash band can be written above one million times.
The Flash can make 10 years data retention.
storage media : flash memory.
Light weight : 45 g approx.
Accessories : extension USB cable, CD Rom.
Packing : Individual Color Gift Box.

Unit net weight(g):16 g
Unit gross weight(g):43.8 g
PACKING:Plastic&Color sheet
Packing size:53*37*31cm
Total net weight (KG):4.38kgs
Total gross weight(KG):5.38kgs
length of the wristband:19.7CM
length include: 20.8CM
breadth of the silicone band: 1.65CM
ply of the silocone band: 0.8CM

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