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HCG Int'l Ltd. China promotion gift items list.

1. Gift USB flash drive

card usb flash memory Jewelry usb flash drive leather usb flash drive metal usb flash drives mini usb flash disk paper usb flash drive pen usb stick plastic usb flash drive pvc usb flash drives silicone usb drives USB flash disk wooden usb disk
OEM usb flash drives, ODM usb flash memory, advertising usb flash disk, promotional gift usb flash drive, usb flash drive manufacturer, USB 2.0 flash drive, USB 3.0 flash drive, professional high quality usb flash drive.

USB band HCG-U-001 Card Usb Flash Disk USB-113 Tire USB flash drive USB-103 USB memory key USB012-017 USB flash drive- OEM USB001 promotional gift mini usb disk TT078 benz car key usb flash drive TT072 mini gift usb flash drive TT028 swivel metal usb disk TT001 mini jewellery usb disk TS106

2. Digital products, USB items

Charger Digital Photo Frame DVB-T Glasses Mp3 bluetooth Mini Speaker MP3 Player MP4 Player Multifunction speakers Silicone Keyboard SIM Card Backup Device Solar bag Solar Charger Solar Fan Cap solar power system USB FAN USB Fridge USB HUB USB lamp Wireless earphone
USB Flash disk:USB Flash Drive with Silicone Bracelet, USB band, Flash wristband, memory wristband, silicone USB drive, lanyard flash drive, lanyard data band. Solar power charger, solar laptop cellphhone charger, Manufacturer usb disk.

8800mah 4.2Watt laptop Solar bag TYNB-6 iPhone 1000mah Solar Charger TYN-99A Silicone Wireless Keyboard KB-6114 2.4G wireless keyboard KB-5113 Silicone Wireless Keyboard KB-3113 Mobile phone SIM card backup-1000groups telephone number HZ-306 SIM Card Backup Machine HZ-201D DESK-TOP USB FAN HW-2131 10 LEDs SUPER BRIGHT COMPUTER LAMP-10 LEDs HCG-899-10 USB fan and USB lamp 2in1 HC-898AF

3. Novelty Electronics, electrical

Book Clip Lighting Calendar Electric cigarette machine Manual Cigarette Maker Pen Holder Calendar Radio Sunglasses
Electric cigarette machine, 2 tube Electric cigarette rolling machine, cigarette roller, cigarette maker, Calendar, Metal Pen, Pen Holder, Radio, Recorder, Novelty Electronics gifts, Novelty electrical gifts.

3 tube Electric cigarette rolling machine C-80R Electric cigarette machine C-53 Pen Holder with Calendar k-306 Thermometer calendar alarm clock HCG-328 Colorful calendar& penholder HCG-288A Colorful calendar & penholder HCG-287 Radio&Calendar&penholder HCG-2350 Colorful calendar & penholder HCG-1678 3 tube Electric cigarette rolling machine C-80 3 tube Electric cigarette rolling machine C-79R

4. Health beauty, Person care

Earpick Electric warmer bag medicine box Pill Reminder Silica bra
Medicine timer box (digital pill reminder timer box, medicine alarm container, pill alarm holder case), Digital Thermometer, Earpick.medicine box, Pill Reminder, Silica bra, Travel companion. Health care, Weekly pill remind box, weekly timer box.

7 days pill box with digital timer HC-91002 Digital Pill Reminder box MDZ-8 Digital Pill Reminder box/ Medicine timer MDZ-6 Medicine Digital Reminder box MDZ-5 pills box with reminder timer HC-701 Memo key 4 alarms medicine timer box HC-7000B Multi-Alarm Reminder Box HC-7000 Pill cutter medicine box XLN-309D 7 compartments medicine box XLN-209X Weekly 28 compartments pill box XLN-209W

5. Lighting, Lights, Flashlight

Forever Flashlight LED Flashlight Rechargeable Flashlight Waterproof flashlight
Hand shake power forever flashlight (eternity torch, self-power dynamo shakelight with cellphone charger, bettery-free shaking rechargeable torch, energy lighting, LED shakelights). LED Lighting, Moonlight Angel Flashlight, Projection Flashlight, Solar Flashlight with compass. Lamp, light, bulb, energy saving lamp, outdoor lighting, lighting fixture.

Forever Flashlight with CellPhone Charger YF501C Eternity Flashlight SL-268 Eternity Flashlight SL-388 Forever Flashlight SL-338 Eternity Flashlight/Hand shaking Forever Flashlight(small) SL-238A 3LED Rechargeable flashlight SL-23110 5LED Rechargeable flashlight SL-23107 5LED Rechargeable flashlight SL-23106 3LED Rechargeable flashlight SL-23101 Eternity Flashlight/Hand shaking Forever Flashlight(Middle) SL-228

6. Outdoor sports, Auto Appliances

Bicycle Odometer Car Charger car Fridge Car MP3 FM transmitter Digital Tire Pressure Gauge Pedometer Walking Stick
GPS receiver, Automobile/car/autocar Appliances.

multifunctional Pedometer DT-1845 1.8 inches Car MP4 FM transmitter SL-868A 1.5inches CSTN display Car MP4 FM transmitter SL-868 Car MP3 FM transmitter SL-828 car cooler box RL-7 iPOD Car Charger PD160 Cellphone Car Charger PD120 FM transmitter Car Charger PD110 Car Charger PD100 Bicycle Odometer Speedometer-Bike Cycling MS-601

7. Small promotion gift items

cup mat Juicer Keychain LED Flashlight Mini Fan Nonwoven bag Sundries collector Travel companion
Promotion Cup, Jar opener, Keychain, Mini Fan, Promotion Pen, Sundries collector. Promotion gifts, promotion gift items.

Sundries collector CX-339 Nonwoven shopping bag WH-05 Advertising nonwoven bag WH-04 Nonwoven fabric bag WH-03 Promotional nonwoven bag WH-02 Nonwoven shopping bag WH-01 Keychain Flashlight SL-2115 Keychain SL-2110 bank note checking keyring SL-207 Mini Fan HW-9907