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About HCG International Limited

Established in 2000, is specialized in manufacturing promotional gift such as USB flash drives, original USB band, lanyard USB flash drive, original Eternity Flashlight and Medicine timer box. USB Band flash memories is the newest and the most preponderant products of our company at present.
As a leading supplier and manufacturer of promotional gift, we also trading some electronics gift, such as digital products, auto appliances.

Our factory is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. We have strong R&D team and employ 10 engineers along with 150 staff engaged in designing, manufacturing and distributing qualified goods. All of our teams work to satisfy our worldwide customers with the quality of our products, fast delivery, and excellent service. Keeping our promises of "Outstanding Quality Accomplishment" and "Move the Customers and Create Value with Good Service", we gain our customers one by one and go on expanding our international existence.

Across the globe, HCG International Limited is committed to assisting its customers with all kinds of USB flash disk and other promotional gifts needs. We welcome everyone from all over the world. Please feel free to contact us any time with any questions, concerns, and requests. We are looking forward to becoming partners with you.

Main products series:
1. USB flash drives: OEM/ODM customized usb flash drives, promotional usb band, tire usb flash drive, credit card usb flash memory, PVC/plastic/metal usb flash drives, metal gift usb flash memory;
2. Electric cigarette machine: 3 tube Electric cigarette rolling machine (newest items), 2 tube electric cig roller, Electric cigarette rolling machine, Cig makers.
3. pill timer box: countdown pill reminder box, 4 or 8 alarms medicine timer box, PP pill boxes, weekly pill timer boxes, plastic travel portable pill box, weekly pill timer box.
4. Solar chargers: Multi-function solar chargers, iphone solar chargers, laptop solar charger, solar bags.
5. Other promotional item and gifts: Silicone keyboard, Pen Holder with Calendar, Manual Cigarette Makers, etc.

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